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    Accepted Response was developed by a team of internet marketers, technology gurus, business executives and legal counsel. Founded on the principal of protecting merchants from the inevitable hazards ecommerce businesses are confronted with. It has been reported that chargebacks are a $40 BILLION problem that affects every merchants bottom line. Of those $40 Billion in chargebacks, $12 Billion are estimated to be FRAUDULENT!!! Accepted Response is committed to assisting merchats with managing their chargebacks and developing procedures to aid in preventing unnecessary chargebacks and reducing future losses.


    Our Core Values




    We believe honest & open communication builds trust, the foundation of any relationship. Whether it’s with our clients or employees, we are all ears.

    Result Oriented


    Result Oriented

    We have developed a proprietary technique that delivers results. We work hard so you don’t have to.

    Honesty & Integrity


    Honesty & Integrity

    Accepted Response maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding legal and ethical breaches.




    Built upon entrepreneurial values, we believe everything can be innovated. Continously researching and staying a brest of the latest industry news we will always be one step ahead.


    This is what we do

    Chargebacks are one of the leading causes of terminated merchant accounts, large amounts of cash beign tied up inreserve, and sometimes worse… the downfall of a company all together. Unfortunately we have seen this sad series of preventable events occur all too often to honest companies. Accepted Response can tackle the problem, minimize risks and improve your bottom line as a result. We are reliable partners on your side, who are there help you along the way. You can count on us!

    • Chargeback Representment
    • Legal Review
    • Chargeback Interception
    • Complaint Response Services
    • Customized Reporting

    Chargeback Representment

    → We take over 100% of the chargeback dispute process

    → Accepted Response successfully recovers over 80% of disputed charges*

    Accepted Response has a dedicated staff using proprietary technology created to streamline the reversal process. Chargebacks take time and money and by allowing Accepted Response to fight your chargebacks you will be gaining both. Our experience in chargeback reversals has given our agents the knowledge necessary to effectively fight each chargeback. We have done the dirty work so your staff does not have to. We get the job done so you can focus on what really matters!

    to see how we can recover your lost revenue!

    *Percentage of funds recovered is not guaranteed. Success is determined on a case-by-case basis and is dependent upon various factors which may be outside Accepted Responses’ control.

    Accepted Response Legal Review

    → Receive a Thorough Risk Analysis

    Accepted Response has our in-house Legal Review Team of attorneys seasoned in the online offer space. Your entire merchant process undergoes a thorough evaluation looking for holes that may complicate your Chargeback win rate and responses to the BBB and AG. We look at your Sales Page, Terms and Conditions, Email Confirmations and more to ensure your campaign complies with what the banks are looking for to ensure the highest win rate possible. We will provide you with a report complete with a detailed list of the suggested changes that you can easily update. Accepted Response can also write your Terms and Conditions for an additional Fee (ask for details)

    ** When your company chooses to have Accepted Response provide Legal Review and you make the recommended changes, you will be approved for exclusive discounted pricing.

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    Chargeback Interception

    → Stop up to 40% of your chargebacks



    It is getting easier and easier for consumers to dispute legitimate charges. Whether it true fraud or buyers remorse, if you are not actively taking steps at preventing chargebacks it will affect your bottom line. Accepted Response is here to make sure that does not happen. Stop the chargebacks before they happen and improve your bottom line!

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    *results are not guaranteed and may vary on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on various factors that may be outside Accepted Responses control.

    Complaint Response Services

    → Protect your reputation

    → Avoid Legal Charges

    Accepted Response protects your reputation and takes on 100% of the Complaint Response process. With legal counsel on staff, Accepted Response defends your reputation against any Better Business Bureau and Attorney General complaints brought against you. Whether your accredited with the BBB or not anyone can file a complaint against your company. Our process has been developed and perfected resulting in over 80% of dropped cases*. Let Accepted Response protect your reputation!

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    *results are not guaranteed and may vary on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on various factors that may be outside Accepted Responses control.

    Customized Reporting

    → Real Time Reporting

    → Ongoing Improvement Process

    Clients are able to login to their account and view a real-time report detailing the status of all disputes. Reports are generated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually accompanied with insight and tips to improve your chargeback ratio and improve your bottom line.

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    How it works


    Accepted Response receives notification of the disputed charges via email or fax.


    Accepted Response quickly prepares and submits a response using our proprietary process providing evidence of a valid charge.


    You receive notification of an Accepted Response! SAVING YOUR MONEY!!

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    Business hours: 9am -5pm

    Phone Number: 18669788533

    Contact us at: sales@acceptedresponse.com